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Our Story


FlexTech began as a vision and became a possibility in 2009 when a small group of passionate and innovative educators set out to design a high school that could address what they saw as limitations in meeting the needs of all of their students. This school would be one where students would be excited about learning and would acquire the essential skills for success in college, work and citizenship. As the leader of this team, I was determined to create a high school that was not only uniquely relevant to students but also where ambitious and dedicated teachers felt challenged and inspired in their role as program designers.
We were all committed to a holistic vision of education that would lead us to discover new ways of teaching and learning. We agreed upon a few non-negotiable program elements: real-world connections, personalization, adult world interaction, and mission driven decision-making. In addition, we agreed upon some basic indicators of success: students would show up enthusiastically each day excited to explore, design and learn. Teachers and leaders would collaborate and creatively problem-solve every chance they got. Data would prove that students were learning and achieving and developing skills at a higher rate than before they came to FlexTech, and that all students would have an aspirational plan for their future upon graduation.
One of the most exciting developments in education today is the myriad new technologies and media that have allowed us the opportunity to rethink, restructure and redefine how we teach and learn. At FlexTech, we strive to merge technology with content in a structure that honors the interests, intellect and talents of the 21st century high school student. We are very pleased with our accomplishments and success so far, but at the same time are eager and inspired by the challenging work ahead. I invite you to visit one of our schools and experience the unique qualities of FlexTech.
Jim Perry
Founder of FlexTech Schools