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FlexTech Mission

FlexTech High School prepares students for life after high school by ensuring that they have the skills and confidence to surmount any challenge that life hands them by thinking critically, collaborating, and advocating for themselves. FlexTech students gain these skills by engaging in relevant coursework that is tailored to their interests and futures, coursework that is also grounded in meeting the requirements of the Michigan Merit curriculum and helps them to develop academically and in so many other facets of their life.

Our Story

FlexTech began as a vision and became a possibility in 2009 when a small group of passionate and innovative educators set out to design a high school that could address what they saw as limitations in meeting the needs of all of their students. This school would be one where students would be excited about learning and would acquire the essential skills for success in college, work and citizenship. As the leader of this team, I was determined to create a high school that was not only uniquely relevant to students but also where ambitious and dedicated teachers felt challenged and inspired in their role as program designers. We were all committed to a holistic vision of education that would lead us to discover new ways of teaching and learning.
Happiness is the right school.

Recent News

remote learning

Interim Remote Learning Plan Announced

On March 13th the school closed to students and we launched phase one of our transition to distance learning. During this phase, staff has been available to assist students and provide feedback with any previously assigned assignments and projects. Our advisors also scheduled check-ins with their advisees to see how they were doing. We have also been working to determine the technological access of our students. Starting Monday, March 23rd, we will transition to phase two of our transition plan. During this phase, we will roll out more structured schedules, protocols and expectations for communications. Teachers will be sharing recommended assignments which students can complete to keep up with making progress towards mastery. We will have routine office hours for each subject area and advisory.
School Closed

FlexTech Will be Closed Until April 6th

All school activities and events scheduled on Friday, March 13, 2020 through Sunday, April 5, 2020 are cancelled, in accordance with the Governor’s guidance. Stay up to date with our Covid-19 Updates page linked below:

FlexTech-Novi Will be Closed Until April 6th

All school activities and events scheduled on Friday, March 13, 2020 through Sunday, April 5, 2020 are cancelled, in accordance with the Governor’s guidance. Given the quick evolution of this situation, at this time, we are not in a place to transform our current project-based model into an entirely virtual one for an extended period of time in an equitable manner. However, teachers will be available through email during this time. Students are encouraged to continue working on previously assigned projects, revise previously submitted projects, and complete missing assignments and work for incomplete courses. Any guidance on recovering the learning that may be lost during a potential school closing will come from the Michigan Department of Education. Read the FULL STORY for more details.


"My son loves attending Flex Tech. He feels there is not as much stress and he likes the small classes because they are less overwhelming. The approach to learning is a lot different, which he likes because not everyone learns the same way."


"My daughter loves attending Flex Tech because it's a smaller school with smaller class sizes, a very comfortable atmosphere and the students receive individualized attention from the teachers."


"The curriculum is designed around my son's strengths and his weaknesses. It has everything he needs to graduate including flexibility. The teachers are so supportive of my son. They want him to succeed and do everything they can to see his successes. It's the BEST move we made concerning his schooling."