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FlexTech Celebrates Youth Entrepreneurship Week

FlexTech is celebrating Youth Entrepreneurship Week by highlighting our Youth Entrepreneurship class and some of our previous Market Day projects. FlexTech's Youth Entrepreneurship (YE) class provides students with the ins and outs of the market economy by exploring what it means to be a small business owner in our annual Market Day project. All projects in this course make connections to local industry professionals, and challenge students to apply their learning to real world challenges and problems. The course mimics what small business leaders need to know and do to run a successful business. Students may take their YE experiences to dual-credit classes at local colleges and universities like Cleary University.
“Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for high school students to begin defining their careers,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michel Rice and we could not agree more. Mr. Jones, FlexTech's Youth Entrepreneurship tecaher added, "Youth Entrepreneurs is a class that challenges students to see the world as a problem solver and impact their community. Through the Market Day Project, students have continuously demonstrated their creativity and ingenuity. The work we do in YE provides students with this unique opportunity." Mrs. Travis, FlexTech Administrative Assistant and small business owner, stated that "YE changes student minds for a better tomorrow",  citing the importance of critical thinking, communication and creative problem solving as part of a business acumen.
Youth entrepreneurship is pivotal in fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and shaping the future of society.  Traditional education systems often fail to nurture crucial attributes like adaptability, creativity, and risk-taking, which are fundamental for entrepreneurial success. Those are all hallmarks of a FlexTech education. By encouraging young people to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, we not only empower them to create their own opportunities but also instill in them a mindset of resilience and innovation. Youth entrepreneurship fuels job creation, introduces novel solutions to pressing global challenges, and cultivates a culture of innovation that propels societies forward. In essence, fostering youth entrepreneurship is not only about building successful businesses but also about shaping a generation capable of addressing the complex problems of tomorrow with ingenuity and determination.