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COVID-19 Case in student

FlexTech learned Sunday afternoon (10/25) that a FlexTech student has tested positive for COVID-19.  We wish this student a speedy recovery as they are already on the mend.  Based on the communicated timeline, there should not have been potential exposure to our students or staff. 
The student's last day in school was Monday, 10/12.  The student's estimated exposure date to COVID was 10/15 (outside of school).  As this was 48 hours after the student's last day present, there is not a risk of exposure to FlexTech students and staff.  The local health department will be managing contact tracing and will alert any individuals of potential exposure.
With this information, we will continue to hold classes in person as scheduled for this week.
As always, if FlexTech students or their family members develop symptoms related to COVID, please stay home, get tested, and alert FlexTech as soon as possible.