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National Honor Society launches Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Pink Fund

To support breast cancer survivors, the National Honor Society is putting on a two-part fundraiser to raise money for The Pink Fund. The Pink Fund is a super cool organization that helps people in active cancer treatment with their non-medical bills.
Part one of the fundraiser is an advisory competition between all the different classes. The advisory that raises the most money gets a pizza party!  There will be donation boxes in your advisory classes from October 26th to November 17th.
Part 2 is a Kahoot! at the end of this marking period on November 18th and 19th. The top three winners of the Kahoot! will win bags of candy and it will be $5 to enter. November 18th and 19th will also be pink outs so you better all be looking like flamingos!
Thank you for participating, and, may the odds be ever in your favor. 
Joanie, and all the other honorable members of the National Honor Society