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Welcome Ms. Lyman!

June 9, 2020


Hello FlexTech Community,


My name is Joy Lyman, I am extremely excited to be joining the team at FlexTech Brighton as the US Humanities teacher! I have worked in diverse positions in the education field, as a museum educator, teacher, and instructional coach. All of my experiences have helped to form my love of personalized and innovative education. FlexTech’s mission and my mission as an educator are perfectly aligned, and I am so glad I’ve found such a wonderful school to be a part of.


Before coming to FlexTech, I had the privilege of working with several organizations that gave me rich experiences to draw from as a teacher. I worked at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, using the extensive collections and resources of those organizations to create engaging learning experiences for students across the country. Since working in those museums, I have always strived to find ways to incorporate historical artifacts, people who made history, and place-based education in my classrooms. As a teacher, I have worked exclusively in small schools in the Metro-Detroit area, with focuses on social justice and student-centered learning. Small schools are uniquely able to create a close-knit community, and for that reason I have always looked to be a part of those types of organizations. During my time as a teacher, I have advocated for project- and place-based learning, cross-curricular project planning, emphasized student choice, and taken leadership roles in curriculum development and Advisory. My most recent teaching position was a flexible and blended learning model that will translate well to FlexTech’s culture, as well as the challenges presented by the current health crisis we are facing.


Growth and professional learning are very important to me, and I have been a part of a lot of really inspiring professional development cohorts, in topics such as social justice, project-based learning, geography, literacy, Holocaust education, and more. For the past four years I have worked as an instructional coach, helping other teachers to grow and become more effective, as well. In addition, I am a part of the 2019-2021 cohort of Galileo Teacher Leaders, working with hundreds of other teachers from across the area to become a stronger advocate for my students both inside and outside the classroom.


When I’m not in the classroom, I have a lot of hobbies and passions. You will have a front row seat to see my obsession with all things fashion. I have a weakness for vintage clothes, especially, and actively work to reduce my impact on the environment by buying from the thrift store. I also enjoy music immensely, I love to discuss all genres and artists, and discover new things to listen to. I’m also a reader, writer, and vegan cook when I have some spare time. I love spending time with my colleagues, friends, family, and my two cats, Jasmine and Rory.


I cannot wait to be a part of the FlexTech family, and want to thank the staff and students I have worked with so far for welcoming me in so heartily. See you in August!


Joy Lyman