Marking Period 2 Award Winners Announced

Casey (Guillermo) Kerr won the 9th grade PBL ALLstar award  for doing so well on his first Spanish project. He got the highest grade on his verbal assessment!

Madelyn Meyer and Bella Sturos won the 9th grade PBL ALLstar award for their work on the global impacts of shrimp and t-shirts. They did an excellent job making authentic connections.

Evan Mayville is doing a fantastic job working on his web development in Project Flex! He is incorporating his pre-existing knowledge with what we are working on in class and making a fantastic site!

McKenna Vincent won the 11th grade PBL ALLstar award for her work in YE.She has been working with a local coffee shop to help her plan to open the FlexTech Choffee Bar this year following the launch on Project Showcase Day.

Casey Rae Postal won the 11th grade PBL ALL star award for her winning entry "Gone in the Dead of the Night" in the first Writers' Night writing contest.

Keegan Fredrick, Aurora Cardoni, and Lilly Hermin for their work in organizing and hosting the Writers' Night event.

Lina Grabowski won the 9th grade most improved award  for making continuous improvements in FYA and using feedback to improve her work.

Kayla Nafin won the 10th grade most improved award for showing rigor in completing tasks in her humanities course and always asking questions to help improved her work.

Gabe Mazurek won the 11th grade most improved award because  he is willing to accept help, motivated to do well, and striving to grow each day.

John Ryan won the 12th grade most improved award for coming in twice a week for extra time to work on classes and for completing multiple classes already this year.

Emma Smith won the 9th grade community builder award for her willingness to participate in class and her joining yearbook! Emma Smith for always having a positive attitude in class and her willingness to help her peers.

Aubrey Blewett won the 10th grade community builder award because she  isn't afraid to step up and stick up for others.

Heaven McGurk won the 11th grade community builder award for her positive attitude and willingness to participate.

Mason Matthews won the 12th grade community builder award because Mason is always very kind to others and will go out of her way to be encouraging and helpful to others.

Vivian Combs, Max Brown, and David Zimmerman won the 9th grade connection maker award for making connections to global issues with their impact of hamburger projects!

Braylin Tennyson won the 10th grade Connection Maker award for going to Twisted Tree Yoga in Howell to connect what he was learning in class to the community.

Annabelle McKinley for her making connections between her own business to her Market Day business and using her skills in jewelry making to provide students with the opportunity to purchase unique gifts at Market Day and project showcase.

Daiton Ferency for choosing to create a model using the 3D printer for his civics project rather than making something more familiar like a presentation or a poster.

Madelyn Meyer for taking additional steps to reach her future goals by taking additional online classes.

Ella Throgmartin - She consistently in engaged and reflective with our Wayfinder journeys!

Jacob Hale for his participation in Project Wayfinder and his positive attitude about the activities.

Emma McCubbin for her reflection and her personal accomplishments this marking period.